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A multiple-line, independent manufacturers’ representative firm with the goal of seeing your business grow.


Locations Sold


Covering Oregon, Washington, and Idaho with our services in the Electrical, HVACR, Appliance, and lighting/plumbing showroom channels.

Our Philosophy



We help tailor your selling proposition specifically around local preferences, distributor needs, and your own history combined with future expectations for this market.


We multiply the number of people on your side in front of the end user through our distributor training, trade show participation, and product demonstration seminars.

Our best results come when we don’t just sell, but also work with people, mentor, teach, raise their skill levels with our lines, and sell our principals’ products in the process.



We tailor our lines’ strengths to help you be competitive and strengthen your desirability by helping differentiate yourself from competitors.


With every visit to your facilities our goal is to have increased your staff’s ability to sell our product profitably

We will make ourselves known to your business as an asset in helping grow your people and your business.

Channels Served

Electrical Channel



HVACR Channel



Appliance Channel



Lighting/Plumbing Showrooms

Lighting/Plumbing Showrooms


We collaborate to adapt your unique selling proposition for our territories, distributor desires, and your future expectations for our market.

Our Lines

*Not all brands represented in all states

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